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Walk with confidence

Self-Defense demonstration

Self-Defense differs from other martial arts systems in that there is an absolute focus on survival. The ultimate winner in a real world altercation is not necessarily the best fighter, but the individual who makes it home safely. There are many strategies to achieve this goal and the best ones are often completely non-combative. 


When analyzing a threat, defense should always begin with situational awareness and preventative measures. There are many techniques from traditional martial arts that can be applied to Self-Defense training. Effective striking and ground-fighting skills will always be useful in physical conflict, but the use of force should be a last resort.


At All Rise Martial Arts, our Self-Defense program is designed to cover a range of scenarios and events within the timeline of an attack. Our unique curriculum covers a ranges of topics including the following:


  • Awareness & Prevention

  • Conflict dynamics & De-escalation

  • Striking techniques

  • Grappling techniques

  • Scenario based drills

  • Multiple attackers

  • Improvised weapons

  • Pepper spray

  • Knives & Firearms

We offer Self-Defense training in the form of private lessons and group seminars. Contact us below to learn more:

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