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So much more than just kicking and punching!


Translated from Korean, "Taekwondo" literally means "the way of the hand and the foot". As one of the few martial arts showcased in the Olympics, Taekwondo is best known for lightning fast kicks and stunning punches.


This martial art goes far beyond simple fighting techniques. Taekwondo has a unique set of philosophies that has led generations of students down the path of self-improvement. Known as "The Five Tenets of Taekwondo", the concepts of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit are ingrained in every aspect of TKD culture.


At All Rise Martial Arts, our curriculum is designed to cover both traditional TKD techniques and modern sport TKD. Each TKD belt rank has a unique syllabus that is divided into the following areas of focus:


  • Philosophy & Leadership

  • Fitness 

  • Striking & Sparring

  • Blocks & Stances

  • Forms/Poomsae

  • Board Breaking

  • Anti-Bullying/Self-Defense

  • Home & School Behavior

We offer Taekwondo classes for kids, ages 4-12, as well as for teens and adults. Check out our full class schedule here!

We follow a World Taekwondo (WT/WTF) style and all of our Black Belts are certified through the Kukkiwon.

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